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BitChance allows you to generate an infinite number of the unique keys for free, and check the availability of money on a generated wallet by linking to the bitcoin blockchain.

What if you generate a key to the wallet with money? You can open you own bitcoin wallet on any available service and then enter the found key into it. After that,you can dispose of the money at your convenience.

The access to any bitcoin wallet is possible in case you have a key to it. There is an immense amount of keys, but a probability to generate a random key to a wallet with money is different from zero. Then you can take either the whole amount or a part of it, and no one will be able to track you.

From the ethical point of view, the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, it can be treated as a theft; but on the other, the likelihood of this event is negligibly small, and thus is it not restricted by anyone or anything. In either case, you are free to try finding a key to the existing wallet and then decide what to do.

Take your chance. Take your choice. Team

iOS version is on the way!

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